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“Destiny doesn’t normally embrace you with open arms. More likely, fate sneaks through a back door, tip toes up creaky stairs, and quietly enters your bedroom. Fate often crawls under the blankets as you sleep, patiently waiting for the propitious moment. Then, with the impact of an unexpected revelation, it springs upon you. And once the tentacles of fate wrestle with your soul, you are never the same.” -- Tammy Klembith & George Klembith

SUMMONED is a Sci-Fi/Thriller based largely on personal experience. It’s very interesting that you chose this script for me to discuss our process as screenwriters, as the genesis of this particular project was far different than our other screenplays. I haven’t spoken about this in a public forum before, so I guess the universe is telling me it’s time.

It all started with a dream I had several years ago in LA, in which a being came to me. It wasn’t a person that seemed distinctly male or female, but rather androgynous in nature. The being never moved its mouth, instead, I heard everything telepathically. Without revealing too many details, as they are in the opening dream sequence of the script, I was basically told to go to Sedona, Arizona, and left with one phrase that was repeated to me over and over, “We are not of here... We are not of here... We are not of here...”

It was around 3AM and I woke up George, my husband and writing partner. I relayed the dream and that coming weekend we drove to Sedona. It was as if we were divinely led to each person and place, embarking upon a journey that forever changed us. We temporarily stayed in the Village of Oak Creek, located a few blocks, walking distance, to Bell Rock. This was a long time ago, and the energy from the various vortex areas was pristine.

The inspiration for this project went far beyond the breathtaking views of the canyons and the majestic red rock formations surrounding us. There was something inexplicable at work, a divine synchronicity guiding us. We started taking notes and writing about the people, how they spoke, their beliefs about this unique small town, and mostly our actual experiences.

It was through one man in particular that we were privy to some off-trail areas, deep in the canyons. The time window, the unmarked helicopters, the copper pyramid inside an apartment, all actually happened, among many other elements in the screenplay. The conversations surrounding how one is “called” there, Devil’s Bridge, and the portal, also took place.

What we had to do as writers was add the heightened sense of urgency, the thriller aspects, moving past how we were “summoned” and going down the proverbial rabbit hole of government conspiracies having to do with DUMB – Deep Underground Military Bases and the different factions of extraterrestrials that are living among us.

It was during Covid that we felt the urgency to revisit Sedona and polish our original script. Each and every one of us is “summoned” at some point in our lives, and what we have learned is not to ignore the call, but instead, despite fear and uncertainty, embrace the challenge.

Thank you for your interest!

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