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2nd Annual FilmCon Awards - Nominations

Updated: Feb 8, 2021


Stick To Manual - Christian Antonini, Tanice Arnold 

Tales of a Falling Man - Luca Nicolosi, Andrea Dragoni 

As The Wave Broke - Alexandra Bekiou 

Parisian Jam - Rohan Bates 

Letters from a Father - Andrea Fantauzzi 

Blue Funk - Ashutosh Jha 

Talk For Life - Amel Tresnjic 

What We Become - Stephen P. Davis

Wienerland - Jan Woletz, Stefan Polasek

Two Autumns in Paris - Gibelys Coronado, Gustavo Michelena, Francisco Villarroel 

The Adventurers Diary - Ben Wicks, Jean Maye 

Justice for Vincent - Lawrence Chau, Andy Palmer 

(Dys)Functional - Adam Nowak 

Kiana's Apache Ceremony - Dounia Benjelloun Mezian

The Honey Trapper Season 2 - Felise Garcia

Congratulations to the nominees!

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