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4th Annual FilmCon: My Dinner With Werner wins Best of Fest

We're excited to announce the Best of Fest 2022 winner: My Dinner With Werner, written by Maverick Moore and Ryan McNamara, and directed by Maverick Moore. Congratulations!


Werner wants love, but Klaus has other plans.

Inspired by the real-life, totally bonkers "friendship" between legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog and controversial actor Klaus Kinski, and set during the finale of their notorious creative partnership in 1987, MY DINNER WITH WERNER is a wildly bizarre comedy about a dinner date with a murder plot as the main dish.

Director biography:

Beginning as a skateboarding videographer, Maverick Moore is now an award-winning narrative filmmaker. Collectively, his recent films - SHOTGUN and MY DINNER WITH WERNER - have won over 60 awards and have been recognized by over 150 film festivals worldwide, including Fantasia Film Festival and several Oscar-qualifying festivals such as the Palm Springs International Shortfest, the HollyShorts Film Festival, the Austin Film Festival, and the Nashville Film Festival, where SHOTGUN screened together with master filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard’s recent film GOODBYE TO LANGUAGE. In addition to making films, Maverick has also served as a panelist, programmer, and awards jury member for a variety of film festivals and competitions.

Director Statement

For over 15 years, German film director Werner Herzog made movies with the controversial German actor Klaus Kinski. Their work together was legendary. Their partnership was notorious. Their methods were dangerous. And their “friendship” was stranger than fiction. But in 1987, they mysteriously stopped working together ...forever. This film is the story of what "really" happened - the night it all went devilishly wrong. Thoroughly researched in all things Herzog and Kinski, this story plays with history in a fun, loving, and radical way. MY DINNER WITH WERNER is a chaotic chamber-piece farce about friendship, love, art ...and chickens.

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