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Artist of the Week: Aayushi A. Shah

Aayushi A. Shah

We're happy to present the community's artist of the week, Aayushi A. Shah!



Originally from India, Aayushi A. Shah is a writer/director based in New York City. Her award-winning short-film script, ’The Rest is Silence,’ is the first of multiple character-driven stories featuring messy, meditative women that she's currently developing. Her experiences living, studying and working in such film capitals as Mumbai, Berlin, Los Angeles and NYC have equipped her with considerable knowledge of the entertainment industry on a global scale—knowledge she puts to use when writing also about film. She has a history of wearing multiple and wide-ranging hats on film sets—fulfilling crew positions like Producer, AD, Script Supervisor etc.—given her meticulousness and her execution of each task in a manner as befits the high standard she holds her work to.

In November 2020, Aayushi won Best Screenplay at Top Shorts, with her short script The Rest is Silence.

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