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4th Annual Actors Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the 4th annual Actors Awards have been announced!

This year, 12 nominees were selected in the main categories, making the competition even harder.

This year's big winner is Lea Freund, who won Best Performance of the Year for her lead role in The Wall Between Us.

Lisa Roumain, the premier judge, praised Freund's performance: "Lea Freund makes us remember what it felt like to long for someone out of your reach in this beautiful film. Her performance is layered, raw, and deeply touching."

Freund also won Best Duo with her co-star Tim Bülow. Juror Mor Cohen said: "Lea Freund and Tim Bülow make the most captivating duo and their developing relationship was absolutely delightful to watch. Every second they share on screen is full of glorious detail and elegant charm. They are nuanced, engaged, and play off of each other so well that it's hard to believe you're watching characters in a film and not real people going about their lives."

Cohen also selected Maria Antonieta Hidalgo (Two Autumns in Paris) as Best Actress of the Year: "WOW! What a performance. Maria Antonieta Hidalgo took on an exceptionally challenging part in Two Autumns in Paris and really gave it her all. The role of political refugee Maria Teresa, a young Paraguayan activist who flees her home country after suffering great trauma and loss in her fight for justice, is one of the most demanding acting endeavors a young actress could face. Hidalgo bravely took on the task and excelled in capturing the character's inner truth and wide range of emotions, and delivered a round and detailed character that really shines bright through the screen."

David Wurawa won Best Actor of the Year, for his lead role in Wienerland. The key cast, led by Wurawa and Jeannine Mik (who was also nominated for Best Performance of the Year), won Best Ensemble. Juror Mason Heidger, who won Best Performance of the Year at the Actors Awards 2019, stated: "Immediately from the start I was drawn into Wurawa's performance and not once did he let up. Very natural and powerful and every scene he was in I got excited all over again."

In the supporting categories, Brett Rickaby won Best Supporting Actor of the Year for his role in Jane Doe, and Anna Daines won Best Supporting Actress of the Year for her role in Countless Sheep.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

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