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Angels Do Fly West

Winner of the Los Angeles Film Awards for "Best Inspirational Film" as well as Top 5 Nominees in the London and Paris Short Film Festivals, we are so proud and honored to show you this documentary aimed at spreading the wonderful, good news of Angel Flight West and the amazing impact that it makes on those that need it for follow up appointments. We truly hope you are touched by Mya and her mother Carly for their strength and resolve to never give up, no matter what odds are put in front of them.... So come follow Mya and her mom Carly, as they meet Michael the pilot. A story of true compassion, love, and true unsung heroism. This is more than an emotional story of the beginning of a long friendship. Follow along with Michael, Mya, and Carly as you learn about Angel Flight West. A non-profit company that brings together the true "Angels", helping families during the tragedies that consume so many lives. Imagine a family member becomes ill or even born with an affliction. Medical bills rolling in, one after another. But there is a doctor or medical treatment or facility that can help your loved one. But this facility is hundreds of miles away. Enter "Angel Pilot" Michael, and all the other "Angel Pilots". At no cost to you, they fly you and your loved one to what could be a life-saving treatment. But, at times... There are not enough pilots available. "Angels Do Fly West" is here to share stories, spread the word, recruit more pilots. "So, no loved one ever has to be told no."

In 2018, Joe McNeal, a retired Law Enforcement Officer turned actor and producer saw a post on social media about Angel Flight West. He had never heard of it before so contacted Pilot Michael Burks. After a discussion about Angel Flight West finding out the real need for more pilots, Joe decided to look into doing a documentary to help promote and help recruit. Joe consulted with a close friend and colleague actress and professional dancer Galyn Gorg. Galyn has spent a lifetime in the TV and Movie industry and her parents Alan and Gwyn Gorg, who both were long time documentary producers. With her mentorship and guidance Joe embarked on what became a 3-year project. Recruiting other film makers who truly believed in supporting this cause, began production. This short documentary became a labor of love for all that worked on it. Our hopes is that everyone will share this and recruit pilots, inform families in need of this free option for travel. And possibly help promote NEW Angel Flight organizations nationwide and worldwide!

All rights owned by: Universal Spectrums Entertainment LLC

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