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Blog Spot Winners - July & August 2021

We are excited to announce the blog spot winners for July and August 2021!

R[evol]ution Of Love - Louise Hylland

When The Donuts Hit The Fan... - Richard Bruce Stirling

Hanakotoba - Franck Lahoui, Jowkid

Reggie the Mailman - Corey Emanuel Jr.

A Package of Dreams - Bradley M. Look

Benny - Julianna Coscia

Private Chat - Joe Bowden, Ashley Mellinger

Serial - Robert Benjamin

The Smile of Gerta - Raquel Toledo

Red - Rachel Kong

There You Are - Rui Huang

The Chosen Path - Eric Iglesias

As Time Goes By - Jon Davis

My Human Experience - Aimee Dansereau, Sarah Cooke, Sylvia Ray

We're All In This Together - Katie Boland

From Under The Bridge - Paul James Houghton

Deus Ex Machina - Jessy Langlois

Counting Needles From A Hill - Lovely Carter

Hotline - Vanessa Rodriguez

Beta - Kevin M Turner

Testimony - Aaron Williams

Dissension - Stacey Alan Spivey

Night After Night - Danfeng Cai

Providence - Damon Darrell, Lynia Love

In Too Deep - Leyla Cevik

Two Fifths - Darren Daniels, Kaitlin Morris

Synthetic Me - Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Just Food - Sean Hinds

Captive - Charlotte Bjornbak

MATE - The Original - Andy Magro

The Remnant - Wyatt Unger

Lepidopterist - Charlie Clarke

Becoming You - Claire Coyle

Visor - Liaan Ferreira

Dimensions A Breath Away - Melissa L. Aspeitia

Caesar of Delph - Patrick Corcoran

The Mr. Dave Show...Show - Scott Marshall Taylor

The Hunt For Salamander - Dimitar Dimitrov

Remember Me? - Marc Castaldo

The Jigsaw - Brett Howard Nelson

There You Are - Rui Huang (LAFA Winner)


Each month, Filmcon's editors give a number of filmmakers the opportunity to write a blog, in order to help them promote their projects (films or screenplays). The blogs will be published on our website, and shared with the Filmmakers Connect community.

The filmmakers are selected from six film festivals: Top Shorts, New York Film Awards, Festigious, Los Angeles Film Awards, Actors Awards and FilmCon Awards.

If you have any questions, email us at filmconawards (at)

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