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Artist of the Week: Casey Ruggieri

We're happy to present the community's artist of the week, Casey Ruggieri!



Casey Ruggieri is an L.A. based actor, writer, and filmmaker. Since graduating from Ithaca film school with a Cinema and Photography degree, Casey has written and worked in various formats, including commercial, tv, film, theater, improv and sketch. Casey released her short film “Drag” this year which has made it into the new horror film fest, Horrors 4 You. Casey's production company, Fernleaf Films, is currently in pre-production on her next two films, both of which, are genre-based.

Some of her onscreen credits include Oscar nominated “Gone Girl” (directed by David Fincher), Golden Globe winner “House of Lies”, “Tales of Halloween”, “Kroll Show”, “S.W.A.T.”, and “Party of Five”, as well as dozens of national commercials that allowed her to work with directors like Rian Johnson.

Casey is very active and passionate about her work with young students in the non-profit sector. She is currently a head mentor with Young Storytellers, an LA based nonprofit that works with elementary students, teaching them the fundamentals of storytelling and screenwriting.

Recently, Casey has been selected as the Jury President at the 7th annual Top Shorts 2021.

"Whether a film is being produced by a small independent company or one of the big studios, I believe what makes a film a standout and memorable months or years down the line is simply STORY. Is it compelling? Can we relate to it? Does the story move us to tears? To rage? To something altogether separate from ourselves yet entirely human?"

Read this interview with Casey Ruggieri:

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