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Artist of the Week: Sam Clark

We're happy to present the community's artist of the week, Sam Clark!



Sam Clark is a director, comedian, writer and actor from Denver, Colorado. He has a stand-up comedy special on Amazon Prime’s LAUGH AFTER DARK and has written for Netflix’s MAGIC FOR HUMANS and the CBS Diversity Showcase. He has directed, produced, and starred in viral videos with nearly 30 million views, featured in TIME, USA Today, Forbes, Business Insider, HuffPo, and more. Sam was recently featured as a “Filmmaker Making a Social Impact” by Authority Magazine and Thrive Global for his work as Lead Video Producer for the YouTube channel Crimson Education, which he built from the ground up to 170,000 subscribers.

Sam recently sold an original show he wrote to SyFy’s late night animated TV block TZGZ, and raised over $130,000 for the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund and Feeding America through Zoom and Twitch comedy shows he hosted and produced during the quarantined months of 2020.

As a comedian, Sam has been featured in the Laugh Factory's "Fresh Faces," the San Francisco Comedy Competition, the Cleveland Comedy Festival, the Burbank Comedy Festival, the Devil Cup, the New South Comedy Festival, the LA Comedy Festival and more.

His semi-scripted mockumentary FAIRVIEW, about a small-town City Council campaign in a purple district, was filmed with real focus groups of real voters helping him write a slogan that could please everyone. This endeavor was loosely based on his experience running for President of Harvard's Student Council as a joke, accidentally winning by a lot, and then resigning. Sam occasionally does drag and teaches children Taekwondo (not at the same time).

In December 2020, Sam won Best Actor at the Actors Awards for his role in Fairview.

Read the Actors Awards' review on Fairview:

Sam Clark in Fairview

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