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Come Closer: A Horror Halloween Tale

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

After breaking into an old house for Halloween, a girl becomes trapped by spirits, but she soon discovers that freeing herself does not rid her of their malevolent intent.

It was the very early hours of a Tuesday morning when I walked down my creaking hallway and caught a glimpse of myself in the old-framed mirror outside the bedroom. A thought came to me in that instant

- What if this mirror reflected the image of the spirits around me? What if it only revealed these spirits once the lights were out and there was just enough moonlight to allow vague details?

I’m a screenwriter based in Australia who started screenwriting back in the days of the online peer review site, Trigger Street, where we learned to give and receive good constructive feedback. This provided a solid grounding for good story construction. I went on to dabble in both short and feature length scripts before finally submitting a short script, The Third Wish, into my first competition. That script was awarded runner-up in The Fellowship of Australian Writer’s Awards in 2011.

Shortly after I began receiving requests from other writers asking if I offered a service to help improve their scripts. Since then I have provided proofreading and editing services to writers in more than a dozen countries. My clients’ scripts have gone on to win awards and been produced. My Australian base means I’m sometimes tasked with Australianising American scripts, but more often than not, Americanizing non-US scripts for the US market. While being mindful of my passion for writing I recently decided I needed to write my own material again and developed my 10-page script, Come Closer.

Come Closer is the story of Millicent, a sweet teenaged kid, who finds herself being swept along by her group of friends as they break into a creepy neighborhood house on Halloween. Millicent is lured into a room by one of her friends with the intent of playing a practical joke on her. In this room, Millicent discovers a very unique mirror that, once a physical connection is made, will not only display the spirits in the room but will also allow a physical interaction, be they malevolent or otherwise. Once Millicent escapes, she finds that the events of the night have changed her forever. She now knows that just because she can’t see or feel the spirits, it does not mean they are not there.

Come Closer has so far been awarded:

· Best Screenplay and Best Horror Screenplay in the Top Shorts Film Festival for February 2021

· Best Short Screenplay in the 5th Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival 2021

· Honorable Mention in the New York Movie Awards 2021

· Best Screenplay in The Hollywood Just4Shorts November Festival 2020

· Best Characters in the Horror Bowl Edition IV 2020

· Several Finalist and Official Selection placements

My intention is to produce this script after the completion of the 2021 film festival calendar.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I had to say about me and my screenplay. Please feel free to connect with me on social media and we can support each other.

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Unknown member
Apr 03, 2021

Congrats, Pierre! Good luck, as well!


Unknown member
Mar 17, 2021

Congratulations, Pierre Langenegger!

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