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Winners - February 2022

Best Picture

Coffee Talk - Ya-Chuan Hsiao

Best Narrative Film

Coffee Talk - Ya-Chuan Hsiao

Best Web Series

Coffee Talk - Ya-Chuan Hsiao

Best Comedy Screenplay

Karma - Damien Brewer

Best Thriller Screenplay

Three's Company? - Liesel Galletly

Best Fantasy Screenplay

What if we could? - Helena Norma

24-Hour Screenwriting Challenge Winner

Entanglements - Bea W. Bliss

24-Hour Screenwriting Challenge Runner-Up

Happy Anniversary - Jot Holly

Special Jury Award

All of The Sudden - Brian Ghi

Special Jury Award

Accidents - Shay Zak

Winners may order the official FilmCon Awards statuette

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Unknown member
Apr 14, 2022

#filmmakersconnect I submit for the artist of the week for so long many people here are looking forward to submit their movies according to that article because I mentioned them it will mean a lot to us here


Unknown member
Apr 05, 2022

Wow I'm a winner here also I reached the finalist before at 24 hours screenplay challenge with my script just a broken glass

As a young screenwriter and model

I teach screenwriting too I've a workshop " how to write a script "

My recent work I wrote an episode at offset web series Exterminator Episode directed by Joe Lonesome screening at The Guild Cinema in New Mexico State

Also I won awards for my script Two Lies One Truth best short screenplay award from MyMrsTimeless film awards from UK and Special Jury Award from Liberty Film Awards.. the same script reached the official selection at ISAFF film and The North Film Festival

Also I've a great interview with Darwin…

Unknown member
Apr 07, 2022
Replying to

This is my latest work

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