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"It's amazing to see your characters come to life"

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Tom Sielemann is a German actor, writer and director. After making several short films ("I see these short films as a beautiful reminder of my beginning"), Sielemann created his most ambitious project to date, "Mia". 

After losing their mother in an accident, Mia and Ben are taken to a psychiatric hospital. While Mia is looking hopefully into the future, Ben can’t forget the past.

This short drama was well received by the LAFA judging team. With a low budget and a great story, Sielemann touched the hearts of the jury. The lead judge, Roy Zafrani, described Mia as "an incredible short film with perfect performances by Saskia Caroline Keilbach as Mia and Tom Hoßbach as Ben- I believed them every single moment.". Mia won 5 (!) awards at LAFA in December 2018, including Best Picture, Best Drama, Best Actor (Tom Hoßbach), Best Actress (Saskia Caroline Keilbach) and Best Supporting Actor (Christoph Nitz). 

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