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GOOD MONSTERS Short Form Series /Dramedy/ Is love enough to save someone?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

We will find out in 5 episodes. You are welcome to watch the trailer here:

and we are happy if you follow us to catch up with the latest news:

So happy and thankful we won BEST PICTURE and BEST WEB SERIES.

Many thanks to Filmcon Awards and this wonderful review!

Fritzi´s exciting 24 hours begin when she tries to rob her husband's dealer.

Fritzi wants to catch her husband's drug dealer. She needs money for a private rehab: for the in-patient detoxification of her addicted husband. The drug dealer, a small fish who wants to get out of drug trafficking himself, needs money to support his sick father in a nursing home. Together they hatch a plan to screw the “big boss”and get to some money. For Fritzi, the most exciting 24 hours of her life begin, during which she witnesses a murder, falls in love, gains great insights and at the end has to decide, with a bag full of cash, whether she really wants to save her husband? And this after everyone has sung their way through the big question, whether love is enough to save someone?

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