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"I love falling into a character and discovering a part of myself I didn't know"

Jordan Van Clief is a Los Angeles based actress, writer, producer, director who will basically fill any role to finish a project ("But mostly I'm an actor and writer"). Recently, Jordan has written, produced and starred in Failure is an Option, a hilarious dramedy about Katrina, a millennial who gets rejected from grad school after moving her entire life across the country to go. Now she must discover her purpose in life the old fashioned way by hiding from her problems until rent is due.

Jordan has won multiple awards for her role as Katrina, including Best Actress in an Indie Film at Festigious and Best Performance of Fest at the Actors Awards. The jury described her performance as brilliant: "You've seen the "millennial character" on screen before, but you've never seen Katrina. She's more anxious, extreme, impulsive, depressed and dramatic, yet charming and lovable... Jordan's chemistry with Taylor Murphy- Sinclair (who plays her roommate, Lisa) is great! Unlike Katrina, Lisa is calm and positive. She gives well-thought-out answers – exactly what Katrina needs. She does her best to help her poor friend, but things only get worse- surprisingly, for both of them.” 

We invited Jordan to join us for an interview. Here's her story. 

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