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In Too Deep

Logline: Young and coy Irwin decides to take the control over his life, but it becomes more than he can handle when he buries himself in waters too far to escape from.

In Too Deep was originally inspired by the pressures we tend to feel in everyday life, especially when the curiosity for the unknown demands to be fulfilled. As humans, don't we always want to follow what excites us? Potentially to grow and learn, but mostly not to ever hold yourself back. Irwin had a controlling mother who would smother him in protection and discipline... and one day it got the best of him. Irwin abandoned what was expected of him and went for what he wanted. However, the outcome wasn't at all what he expected it to be. But isn't that usually the case?

Similar Irwin, I have struggled with letting go of others expectations and finally following my dreams, and I have had no regrets since. In 2020 I began the Screenwriting for T.V. and Film program at Toronto Film School, and as a result I have broadened my writing abilites greatly, made unforgettable connections with peers which I will cherish for life, but most importantly I truly realized that my dream is possible. To turn my ideas into actuality, and hopefully make my audience reassess life for a moment. My plans for the future include screenwriting full-time, and directing certain works of mine that I feel I can execute the message in the best light possible.

My advice to anyone is just to jump into the water, because no matter what happens in the end, you know you've lived a life, your life, the way you truly want.



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