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Artist of the Week: Jacky Song

We're happy to present the community's artist of the week, Jacky Song!



Jacky Song is an award-winning director, writer, and producer. Since graduating from the renowned Loyola Marymount University School of Film and Television, he has gone to produce and direct genre-bending, emotionally intense short films. His most recent projects include, but are not limited to, The Last Silence and Lonely In The Dusk to be screened at Beverly Hills Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Dances With Films, LA Shorts International Film Festival, and continues to be accepted at other prestigious festivals.

Jacky's films can often be described as surrealistic, exquisite, picturesque, and containing vivid imagery, featuring graphic violence and nonlinear editing style. Fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, Jacky infuses each project with his multi-cultural background and is devoted to using the power of film to connect disparate cultures by bringing untold, authentic stories to an international audience.

A five-year certified pilot and four-year motorcycle racing experience, Jacky is developing an international Chinese/American co-production television series and feature film.

Jacky's latest film, Incognito, has won multiple prestigious awards, including Best Picture at FilmCon, Top Shorts, Festigious and LAFA.

Incognito - Official Trailer

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