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Artist of the Week: Jae Sinclair

We're happy to present the community's artist of the week, Jae Sinclair!

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About Jae:

As a product of the New York City foster care system, Jae Sinclair, simply known as Sinclair, has been defying the odds most of his life.

One of his earliest memories is of his mentally-ill mother slashing his face at 3 years old — as a form of punishment.

As a result, he was placed in the City’s foster care system where he remained until age 9…only to be returned to his mother in a home filled with verbal, mental abuse and physical abuse. He’d live with his sick mother in poverty in an all-but condemned apartment building in 1990’s NYC until he was returned to foster care at age 16.

The early part of his life was filled with turmoil, certainly not the breeding ground for what Sinclair would become.

Despite the outer chaos and instability of his daily life, Sinclair found refuge in his own creativity… and an outlet for his passion through martial arts.

Discipline and creative expression would be his saving grace. In fact, he wrote stories as a young teen and garnered so much interest in his work that the opportunity arose for his work to be published. However, a lack of guidance and support resulted in this and many other opportunities being missed.

For thousands of young men in his situation, this kind of upbringing led to poverty and prison… but not for Sinclair! He chose to push into life even harder.

After graduating university Cum Laude, he excelled in a career in government—a far cry from the path many would have expected.

His tenacity, however, was most powerfully expressed in his creativity.

Sinclair has self-produced several short films, music videos and skits… all on limited budgets. And he has also successfully produced music videos for local artists.

Sinclair has now turned his sights on producing much bigger projects.

He is currently the writer, producer and director of a full-length feature film which is awaiting a release date. He is also producing numerous other projects in various stages of production.

-Written by Jamaal Griffith

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