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Artist of the Week: Joe McNeal

Joe McNeal. Photo by Pistol Creek Photography

We're happy to present the community's artist of the week, Joe McNeal!



Joe McNeal is an award winning writer who is also Chief Executive Officer with Universal Spectrums Entertainment LLC. He is also credited as a producer, actor and consultant. Joe Co-wrote the Award winning feature script "Ancestors from the Stars" and also starred in the short movie, "Step 9". In 2016 he appeared in the feature film "Buster's Mal Heart" with Academy Award winner Rami Malek. He also appeared in 2018 short film "Haunt" where Joe had a featured role as "The Ticket-Taker". Joe appeared in two different web series, One as Ramon Vega in "Please Stay Quiet" and the other as a Police Officer in the award winning series "Riley Parra". Joe was featured in a music video as Officer Covington with the International French Rock Group Moodoid in the title track "Miss Smith" where He wrote the ending dialogue for the music video based on his past Law Enforcement background. In 2019 Joe was a consultant, Prop-master, assistant Armorer and actor (Sammie) on a new featured film "Teller's Camp". Also to his credit is 10 television commercials, serious and comedic.

Joe spent 25 years in law-enforcement until his retirement. Using his background as consultant on many law enforcement based productions. As an actor, Joe signed with MGMT Artists Management, manager- German Morales of Los Angeles in 2018. Joe was born and raised in the mountains of Western Montana where he enjoys the outdoors, back-country, fishing, hiking and hunting where he resides.

Recently, Joe's documentary "Angels Do Fly West" won Best Inspirational Film at LAFA.

Watch "Angels Do Fly West"

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