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5th Annual New York Film Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the 5th annual New York Film Awards have been announced!

New York Film Awards’ 5th annual competition included films of very high quality and was extremely tight in many categories. This year, 12 nominees were selected for each category, making it even harder than usual to choose a single winner for the awards. The judging panel consisted of actors, directors, screenwriters, and producers, such as Lea Mornar, Shaw Jones, Aaron Dalla Villa, Paten Hughes and more.

The big winner of the year is the Danish short film "R[evol]ution Of Love", directed by Louise Hylland. Shaw Jones, the premier judge, stated: "A fascinating study of human behaviour and connection. This story is multi-layered and unique. Engrossing and thought provoking.

Insightfully directed by Louise Hylland. She will be one director to look out for.

Wonderfully acted by leads Rex Leonard and Freja-Bella Hoffmann Lindahl.״

R[evol]ution Of Love also won Best Original Story. Juror Beate Malkus added: "The Danish short 'R[evol]ution Of Love' written and directed by Louise Hylland is a beautiful story about two identity confused teenagers who feel misplaced and - despite a rather desperate assault - seem to slowly develop empathy, understanding and even feelings for each other.

Louise Hylland succeeds in treating a sensitive topic in a remarkable way. The story has

nothing superfluous and benefits from its great balance of both purposeful and restrained

dialog, from its narrative strength, beautiful plot, great timing and very well observed and

developed characters. 'R[evol]ution Of Love' is an exceptional approach to existentialism - with a great and surprising twist in the end!"

All Blood Runs Red, a short film by Paul Mignot, won no less than five annual awards, including Best Narrative Short, Best Director, Best Editing (Tao Delport), Best Cinematography (Eric Dumont) and Best Original Score (Polérik Rouvière).

Jenna Suru, who selected Paul Mignot as this year's Best Director, stated: "A major and impactful tribute to Veteran Eugene Bullard. Beautifully executed and brilliantly acted, All Blood Runs Red is a moving short film which pays a necessary tribute to those who fought for freedom - all of them."

Juror Lea Mornar added: "I found it poetic how he captured the moment and connected the time provoking in me a strong emotional sensations and a constant emotional surprise."

Paten Hughes referred to the editorial aspect: "I just found everything so effective with this piece, which is so hard to do in a short film and especially a dramatic one. The timing of the cuts and transitions was impeccable, each shot leading to the next, and the sound and music design worked seamlessly in tandem with the visuals. I was engaged in the story, interested in figuring out where it was going, charmed by the gorgeous shots, and by the end, so grateful to have learned about Eugene’s life and story. I think the way Tao pulled all of the elements together was top-notch. Hats off!"

Juror Anup Kulkarni was delighted with the cinematography: "‘All Blood Runs Red’ film is a masterpiece of cinematography work. DP Eric Dumont’s cinematography explores the dramatic, adventurous, tragic, and romantic aspects of the story very effectively.

The color schemes, compositions, camera moves & various lens techniques help the storytelling in a most poetic way. The way Eric has introduced the lens flare as a passage to his past life and shows his struggle was esthetically great. Along with the epic camera moves the lighting & compositions made the human emotions feel very realistic."

And Nami Melumad described the original score as an outstandingly rich. "Polérik Rouvière's score for All Blood Runs Red is an outstanding showcase of the composer's musical talent and storytelling skills. Showcasing a wide range of emotions, the score feels cinematic and rich and provides the film with an extra level of complexity and excellence."

Love Laboratory, the Chinese feature film, won three awards, including Best Narrative Feature, Best First Time Director (Muchao Wang, Fangmin Wang), and Best Actor (Shenghan Qi). Juror Jarek Marszewski explained his decision: "LOVE LABORATORY is a touching tribute to true love and at the same time a charming combination of a romantic comedy and science-fiction. The directors of this XXI century fairy tale, Muchao Wang, Fangmin Wang, supported by their talented, stellar leading duo: Guo Yan and Qi Sheng Han have done a brilliant job bringing this story to life in a truly sensitive, funny and original way. Special credits should also be given to Yi Yang, the DOP, and Hua Zhicheng, the art director, for the impressive visual style of this intelligent and inspirational comedy."

Aaron Dalla Villa complimented Shenghan Qi's performance: "Subtle and layered, Shenghan brings a simplicity that always has something cooking under the surface. Beautiful work and film."

Home: The Homelessness Crisis in North Dakota (Chapter 2), directed by Sonya Jensen, took home Best Documentary. Juror Nigel Barber stated: "Although Jensen’s film is site specific, documenting the major issues of homelessness in North Dakota, it goes a long way in echoing what is currently happening on a global scale and provides a clear voice for those needlessly suffering because of the lack of affordable housing, as well as contributing to breaking the on-going stereotype that all homeless are either alcoholics, addicts or mentally ill. Hopefully, Sonya Jensen’s ‘The Homeless Crisis in North Dakota’, in exposing the major elements of a failed system, will go a long way in contributing towards much needed open and transparent dialogue while addressing the, very large, “elephant in the room”."

Müesli by Joel Stutz won Best Animation. Nami Melumad said: "A breathtaking, superb nature animation with a beautiful score, Müesli could easily fit in the portfolio of the big animation studios in the US. The amount of detail and excitement the filmmakers capture... wow, I haven't seen this level of work in a short film in a very long time. Top notch!"

"C Z A R I N A - Wonderland" by Deliris Films and The Kitsunes won Best Music Video. Mor Cohen stated: "Ahhh, this music video is like a breath of fresh air! Wonderland grants the song it accompanies the visual life it deserves - a fantastic reverie full of magic and mystery. The beautiful VFX execution and impressive character design truly elevated this music video to the next level. Kudos to creators Deliris Films and The Kitsunes for skillfully molding such a rich and out worldly viewing experience for their audience."

Cohen also selected Night After Night (dir. Danfeng Cai) as this year's Best Student Film. "Writer-Director Danfeng Cai showcases phenomenal talent and skill in Night After Night, a short film that is simply full of heart. The cinematic world Danfeng Cai designed and presents sets a tone that is nostalgic and dystopian at the same time, layered with hard moral questions and truths about society, family, loyalty, and hope. Everything in this movie feels painfully real and lingers long after the end credits. With talent so great for visual storytelling, Danfeng Cai marks herself as a very promising young director to keep a close eye on."

Kátya Tompos won Best Actress for her performance as Szilvl in the Hungarian comedy Now is Now. Juror Casey Ruggieri stated: "From the very start of Now is Now, you can't help but be enchanted with Katya Tompos as Szilvl. Tompos delivers a charming and magnetic performance, taking the viewer along for the ride as we see the tough "spoiled girl" exterior dissolve away to reveal the real, complex young woman beneath, struggling to find her own voice and path to happiness. Tompos successfully navigates the dance of the heartwarming romantic comedy and the chemistry between Tompos and Mohai jumps off the screen, adding to the delight of the whole film."

Gunther, directed by Ryan Rowley, won Best Indie Film; The Hunt For Salamander (dir. Dimitar Dimitrov) won Best Web Series; The Sci-Fi/Thriller screenplay Summoned (written by Tammy Klembith and George Klembith) won Best Screenplay, and Daniel Gentile won the Special Jury Award (screenplay) for his work on They're Watching Us.

Nicolaus Taylor won the Special Jury Award (film) for his work on Madness. In this fantastic thriller, man returns home to find that his wife has been unfaithful. To add insult to injury, he is forced to relive this tragic event until he descends into... Madness.

Jacky Song won this year's Breakthrough Filmmaker of the Year for his wonderful short film Incognito, and Brett Howard Nelson won this year's Breakthrough Screenwriter of the Year for his work on A Night at the Drive-in.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

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