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Remember Me? - Marc Castaldo

LOGLINE: A high school philosophy teacher with a troubling past sets out to exact revenge upon former classmates that abused him as a teenager.

As a writer, I believe it is so important that we stay true to ourselves and the stories we create. Every story I write I reveal certain parts of my soul with the hope that it will emotionally resonate with the audience. Remember Me? is a thought-provoking revenge story that forces us to question whether we can really sympathize or root for a sociopathic serial killer.

In no way is this story based on real events. However, the inspiration to write this story is created upon the trauma I experienced growing up. I wanted to show that the most dangerous anger and vengeance are built inside someone with a good heart.

About Me

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. My passion for cinema and writing began the moment my father introduced me to classic films such as The Godfather, Raging Bull, and Pulp Fiction. After earning my B.A. Honours degree in Philosophy at McMaster University I did some soul searching figuring out whether screenwriting was the path I was meant for. Since pulling the trigger by enrolling at the Toronto Film School for Film and Television Writing I have not looked back. So far it has been an amazing experience being able to collaborate with a group full of writers that share the same passion for cinema as I do.

Since then, I have been awarded and selected for multiple Best Screenwriter awards and Best Screenplay awards from Italy, France, India, England, the United States, and Canada.

I am beyond grateful to have my loving family and friends support me since I have embarked on this screenwriting journey. The friendships I have made with fellow writers and filmmakers in my program I will cherish for the rest of my life because the quality of their work brought the best out of me.

Remember Me?

· FilmCon Awards – Winner – Best Television Script

· New York Film Awards – Winner – Best Television Script

· Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) – Honourable Mention – Best Television Script

· New Age Cinemas & Scripts (Edition 3, 2021) – Winner Best Thriller Script

· Beyond The Curve International Film Festival – Best Web Series Pilot Script

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