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Ten Commands

An earnest Christian youth leader accepts a challenge from his teenage group members to break all of the Ten Commandments.

Ten Commands is the story of a passionate youth pastor who accepts a challenge from his skeptical teenage discipleship group members to test his faith and break all of the ten commandments. It's an irreverent dark comedy that twist and turns through increasingly complex tasks which cast light on the commandments themselves and the nature of faith.

The structure of the protagonist David's to-do list frames the story as he confesses his sins to the church pastor. Each command appears onscreen as a visual checklist, similar to the "Rules" that appear in the Zombieland films. With three of his skeptical young disciples, Travis, Harlen, & Phillip in tow, David faces tasks that range from mildly amusing, physically draining, emotionally strenuous, and even cathartic. As he rises to each new challenge, the boys marvel at his commitment, but the deeper he goes, the more David risks his own soul.

This is a tight 88 page feature that apart from winning best feature screenplay and screenplay of the month at the Los Angeles Film Awards, has been nominated at the Toronto Independent Film Awards and the Montreal Independent Film Festival and is a contender in a wide range of global festivals and competitions throughout 2021.

From screenwriter Girault Seger, whose short Dig Deeper was the 1st place winner at Slamdance Film Festival screenwriting competition and winner of more than half a dozen awards across the U.S. His pilot script DiffiCult was a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles International Screenwriting Awards. His portfolio includes multiple features, a pilot, and pitches for several other projects. He is based out of Brooklyn, NY.

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