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"I'm never happy with my performances, but that's what keeps me going"

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Mumtaz Sorcar is an Indian actress who has grown up in a family of famous performers. Being the daughter of a world famous magician P.C.Sorcar Jr and grand daughter of the Indian legendary P.C.Sorcar, people have always expected Mumtaz to follow her family's legacy. So.... she became an actress. And a magician. And a dancer. And - even a boxer ("I wanted to prove that women can fight too").

After having performed in tens of notable films over the past 8 years, Mumtaz played the lead role of Nandini in the feature drama "Red Oleanders - Raktokarobi", for which she won an Honorable Mention at LAFA. We asked Mumtaz to join us for an interview, and met a multi talented artist. And yes, she's a real perfectionist.

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