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7th Annual Top Shorts 2021 Nominations Announced

The nominations for the 7th Annual Top Shorts 2021 have been announced!

The Stranger, directed by Katherine Oostman, earned most nominations this year. Congratulations to all the nominees!

Best of Fest 2021

The Morning Walk - Louise Hylland, Marc Harpsøe

HotHed - David Spring

Pork Chop - Katherine Guggenberger

A Girl and a Gun - Pierre-Edouard Joubert

Monstrus Circus - Jordan Inconstant

The Peak - Satoshi Takahashi

ROAM - David Jung

The Last Step - Stanislav Matveev

The Great Artist - Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Pretty Metal - Mikhail Tot

The Stranger - Katherine Oostman

Inertia City - Vellas, Reinaldo Faria

Best Narrative Film of the Year

Sleepwalk - Filipe Melo

Windblown - Usher Morgan, Katie Vincent

Mabel - Kimberley Wintle

Breaking the Silence - Seayoon Jeong

Wireless - Criss Gidas

Bongo - Jacob Lallas

Paz - Andrew Gutierrez

Metamorphosis - Elaine Xia

RED - David Newton, Beau Fowler

Dress - Paulina Lagudi Ulrich

The Stranger - Katherine Oostman

I am - Ruan Yi

Best Indie Film of the Year

Summer Rain - Renzo Montoya

Hot Take - Arthur Glover

Blinded - Cecilia Choi

If You Love Her, Let Her Go - Ilan Zerrouki

Morti's Law - Marcel Wohlfahrt, Natalie Kölbl

A Threat to Justice - Chris Files

F8th (= Rebirth + Faith) - Glenn Plummer

To Kill a Truth - Kiriakos Kotsinis

Gunther - Ryan Rowley

Pebbles - Renee Bourke

Awakened - Yulian Mateo

How Was It For You? - LIM

Best Drama of the Year

Swann - Antonio Petrone

Something Safe - Shaun Lupton

Pentimento - Benjamin O'Donnell

The Monster's Club - Federica Alice Carlino

Heartland - Jahmil Eady

Miss Boundless - Qiyu Zhou

The System - Michael Cruz

Hurtful Truth - Marie France Louis, Eman Elsweisy

The Great Artist - Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Shevolution - Seidy Lopez

Becoming Everything - Dan Lowënstein

Maryam - Maza White, Doug Brooks

Best Comedy of the Year

Big Break - Dicle Ozcer

HotHed - David Spring

Free Desk* - Keith Macri

A Girl and a Gun - Pierre-Edouard Joubert

The Sister Solution - Casey Cooper Johnson, Antoneta Kastrati

Chronicles of Gnarnia: The Rex Chadwick Story - Brian Colin Foley

Bucko & Junior - Jordan Rader

Divorce School - Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Julie Zelman

Ride the Wave - Colleen Davie Janes

Pretty Metal - Mikhail Tot

Matty Boy - Dr Shahid Kamal

New Growth - Karimah Westbrook

Best Thriller of the Year

Disconnected - Traci Hays

Countless Sheep - Rhett Wellington, Riley Robbins

Kongo - Bryan Wynn Sutton, John Roche

Velvet Farewell - Micheal Eastman

Fugitive Zero - Joe Lam

The Animal - Oscar Cowie

Windblown - Usher Morgan, Katie Vincent

The Climbing Perch - Daniel Gomez Bagby

A Bullet For Your Thoughts - Doug Williams

Non-transferable - Jack Veasey

The Wolf Delivers - Thomas Crouser Jr

Vincent - Nicholas Andrews

Best Horror of the Year

Orisha - Drew Anthony

Susie - Jordan Doig

Mark of the Rougarou - Erica Duke

Lies Inside - Corey Emanuel Jr.

Vac Attack - Kyle Lane

Meanwhile At A Cabin Somewhere Near Fairplay, CO - Michael Chenette

Metamorphosis - Elaine Xia

What If - Tammy Klembith

The Invitation - Thorsten Schade

Vincent - Nicholas Andrews

Satanico - J.R. Curtis

Till Death - Andrew Thomas

Best Action Film of the Year

Battle - Emre Orun

Operation Shell Shock: Phantoms - Allan Riggs

Office 86 - Jyo Carolino

Saving Grayson - Breck Cuddy

RED - David Newton, Beau Fowler

Shadow Valley - Isaac Joel

Artificial Souldier - Jason Gonzalez

F I V E - Will Sidaros

Best Sci-Fi of the Year

Infinitus - Cameron Currin

Plant - Carlos Milite

River - Emily Skye

The Counterfeit Mind - Malek Haneen

Chronofilm - Robert Hypes

Finger Guns - Nikola Sreckovic

ROAM - David Jung

F I V E - Will Sidaros

(Dys)Functional - Adam Nowak

Ecclesiastes - Lola Rùi

Refuge - Sina Sultani

Volume Control - Giorge Souladze

Best Experimental Film of the Year

Collapse - Alberto Martín-Aragón

One Actor Short 3 - Yuval David

Spotted - Shranjay Arora, Seda Anbarci

Pandemia - Katerina Giannakopoulou

Isolation Animation - Ruth Ducker

Popped Culture - Spencer Flynn

Sin - Alberto Martín-Aragón

Returning Home - Bhushan Thakkar

The Accident - Paul Brian Osorio, Jayasinhji Jhala

Dû - Eric Marie Afer

clarity. - Daisy Paroczy Hickey

Mosaic - ZHUANG Guantianxia

Best Inspirational Film of the Year

To You, Me & The Next Generation. - Sam Akel

A Line Unbroken - David Earnhardt, Patricia Earnhardt

Making Waves - Laura Zéphirin

As the Wave Broke - Alexandra Bekiou

Come Back - Alban Pauly, Aurore Klein

clarity. - Daisy Paroczy Hickey

Xiety - Carlos Torres, Karen Torres

Ye Shall Be Hindered From Loving Me - Karlos Alastruey

Black Water - Jenn Xu

Looking Through the Trees - Justin Morfin

The Funny Runner - Rob Steger

Under The Same Sky - Alison Chace

Best Fantasy Film of the Year

Hollow - Nicholas Andrews, Rosie Keogh

Fulgidusen - Alexander Feichter

Virtually Together - John Argelander

Loop - Yanqing Chen

He/She - Norah Xi

Sawa - Harinarayan Rajeev

Fix Me - Woonyea Han

Come Home To Me - Gavin Bradley

31 - Joumana Rizk

Ecclesiastes - Lola Rùi

Best Romance Film of the Year

Spending Time With You - Josh Pafchek

Manasanamaha - Deepak

Heartstruck - Ian Thomas Kent

The Don't Call List - Tevin Everett

Stay Sane - Hana Wagner

One Last Shot - Saram Jaffery

He/She - Norah Xi

Wherever, Whatever - Broderick Angeles

Best Mystery Film of the Year

Acid Fantasy - Lorenzo Lanzillotti

Cherry Swamp Road - Josh Cummins

Life is a two-way dream - Gjert Rognli

Loop - Yanqing Chen

Hal - Josh Flaherty, Caleb Yellin-Flaherty

A Bullet For Your Thoughts - Doug Williams

Shutter - Andres Ramirez

Stalkers – Dongjun Kim

Best Parody of the Year

Coasters: A Film by Ben Kurns - J.G. Murphy, Nolan Pugh

Chronicles of Gnarnia: The Rex Chadwick Story - Brian Colin Foley

Rabbit Island - Ben Cichowski, Shan Harris

King of Angels - Fred Bonheim

Panic in Valley City - Antonio Harper, Abby Burton

Office 86 - Jyo Carolino

Best Dark Comedy of the Year

Office Manager - Shamus Maxwell, Lola-Rose Maxwell

The Axe and the Iron - Matthew Roseman

It's That Guy! - Jean Paul San Pedro

Neutrals - Jacob Horne

The Body - Adam Weber

Finger Guns - Nikola Sreckovic

Requiem for a Crab - Patrick Gehlen

The Funeral - Michael Filek

Wichita - Sergine Dumais

Hero - Jayson Martin

Wellness - Lindsay Gonzalez

Cult Following - Amy Parry

Best Romantic Comedy of the Year

Just Delivered - Rosie Gaunt-Mathieson

Girl Night Stand: Chapter Two - Jenna Laurenzo

Trust Frank - Penny Moore

We Met in Quarantine - Rob Seiffert, Rob Wagner

I'm Press - Antaneise Henderson

Christopher Nolan is God - Javier Alegre

Screen Girl - J.D. MacNutt

Manasanamaha - Deepak

Best Crime Film of the Year

The Man That You Fear - Nicholas Kerekes

Salsero in Purgatory - Antonio De La Cruz

The Dentist - Lawrence Terrill

Wrangle - Alex Culberson

Aborted Traffick - Bea W Bliss

Hot Take - Arthur Glover

Lockbox - Jake Noecker

Morti's Law - Marcel Wohlfahrt, Natalie Kölbl

Best LGBTQ Film of the Year

You Boy - Juliette Labrousse, Sonia Guitz

Wherever, Whatever - Broderick Angeles

The Great Artist - Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

Underneath - Lena Weller

The Acceptance of Suffering - Jason Klein

Swindled - Stanton Long

The Cruising Monologues - Jose Batista-Ayala

No Loss Here - Nathan Brewer

Bonnie & Bonnie - Lena Murisier

P98's Waltz Of The Flower - Praise

Best Film Noir of the Year

La Schema - Alex Bowling, Stephen Byrum

The Widow - Brendan Young

The Big Con - Augie Pagan

Acid Fantasy - Lorenzo Lanzillotti

bun·ny /’banē/ - lost girl - Anna Martin

Slice of Life - Dale Fabrigar

Best Web/TV Pilot of the Year

The Hinsdale Archives - Ryan Wefelmeyer

Texas High School Football - Peter Calvin, Brent Crable

Harbor Island - Tiffany Rhodes

Sharp - Sander Ligthart

In Two Minds - Fabian Schwab

Limbo - Ben R Johnson, Josh Demuele

The Romans - Maurice Micallef, Chris Micallef

The Gliwensbourg Chronicles - Emilie Tommasi

Wisecrackin - Angie McMahon

Atlas - Ayman Chaudhry

Something About Bubbles - Mark Cheng, Graham Brown

Unearthed - Tari K. Robinson

Best Web Series of the Year

The Honey Trapper Season 2 - Felise Garcia

Zader Law - William Woods, Shawn Bates, Stanley Sievers

Another Time, With Paul - Elena Saurel

Anacostia - Anthony Anderson, Martha Byrne

Incompleteness - David Ash

Divorce School - Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Julie Zelman

Jade & Jaded - Sarah Franco

Diversity Hires - Tevin Everett

All In 3: A Fikowski & Vellner Documentary - S.J. Finlay

Good Monsters - Johannes Muhr, Julia Zimth

The Jersey Connection Season 2 - Tim Firtion

Chronofilm - Andrew Burkum, Robert Hypes

Best Documentary of the Year

Use Your Words - Lauren Layton

Rise - Hannah Byrd

Inhale - Brian Chambers

We to Me - Jade Chase

Time Matters - Mike King

Breathe, Nolan, Breathe - Daniel Catullo

ProDogTV - Randall Owens

Born From Junk - Mike Horn, Galin Foley

Dying Is Not Giving Up - Kelly Grosklags, Bryan Piatt

Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration - Maxwel Hohn