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Artist of the Week: Carlos Torres

Carlos Torres

We're happy to present the community's artist of the week, Carlos Torres!



Carlos is an Emmy-winning director. He began his media journey back in 2008 with Jake Slonecker. Carlos was a professional paintball athlete that played on a team called Sacramento XSV. While Jake would capture the footage, Carlos would edit and release on social media outlets. Carlos went on to becoming the Coordinator of Creative Multimedia at Saint Mary's College Campus Recreation Center. He played a major role in developing a video department and was awarded the Br. Clarence Schenk Award for all his efforts. Soon after, Jake and Carlos agreed to open shop, thus CutFocus was born.

Carlos is a Director, Photographer, and Lead Editor. Through the years, Carlos has mastered the art of wearing many hats. Aside from work, you can find him geeking out on the latest and greatest production equipment, eating salami, or stocking up on his hot sauce.

Most recently, Carlos and Karren Torres created XIETY, a short film that explores the ways anxiety may feel for those who suffer from it through a visual journey in Val's mind- XIETY. Val struggles to stay mentally present during a night out with friends. What may seem like a simple, fun, and relaxing night for others is physical and mental torture for Val. Her anxiety quickly builds up to a panic attack and she finds herself stuck in her mental world of Xiety.

Xiety is nominated for Best Inspirational Film and Best Editing at the 7th annual Top Shorts, and is also nominated for 2 Emmys. Wish them luck!

Read this blog by Carlos Torres:

Watch Xiety

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