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Have you accomplished all your dreams?

All the things you imagined when you were young. No matter what it was – nothing too big or small. Maybe you’ve reached a few but not all. What if you haven’t achieved the most important one? The one thing that matters most to you. When you’re a kid, you have time – right? But time passes. Fast. Soon, you’re not that kid anymore dreaming about what you’re going to do with your life when you grow up. You look in the mirror one day and you’re getting a little older – starting to think about what if’s, more doubts and worries about it all. What if you’re not meant to do what you’re working so hard to do? What if lucks just not on your side? What if you wake up one day… and your dream is expired?

We all have stories. Many may relate to some of these underlying fears and doubts we carry around with us.

Audition is just one of those stories…

Audition is a human story, greatly driven by the power of friendship in many ways. When struggling actor, Mike, is faced with consistent rejections, he can't help but question his dreams. Audition follows three friends navigate through life as they experience heartbreak, success, and failure.

There is an entire world to explore for future seasons. It is a dramedy TV pilot episode, and my hope is to get the first season produced. There is an abundance of story to tell about each character and what happens as life moves forward – or backwards.

Audition had a great team of talented and passionate cast & crew – Marc-Anthony Sinagoga, Jaclyn Dipietro, Roger Singh, Nick Davey, Michael Lake, Joanna Saul, Hailey Harrison & Adrian Parks. I couldn’t have done it without any of them. Congrats and thank you to everyone!

Thank you to the festivals which have recognized Audition and a special thanks to the New York Film Awards Festival for giving me this opportunity to showcase it on Filmmakers Connect.

Thanks for checking out my post – I hope you enjoyed it!

– Cosimo Tucci

Director, Writer & Actor

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Audition has been recognized for the following: Best Pilot – Los Angeles Film Awards Festival Best Pilot – New York Film Awards Festival Best Narrative – New York Film Awards Festival

Semi-finalist – Top Shorts Film Festival

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